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An Historic Chiva returns to Verde Valle

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Verde Valle always has and will always leave its doors open for all those who have collaborated in writing important pages in the history of Guadalajara, because the years may pass, but the memories they have left to the 40 million fans are invaluable.

This Wednesday morning, Chivas received a pleasant visit during their training session.... Who was it?

Well, none other than Manuel Sol, who played 6 years in El Rebaño and as a red and white player was Champion in the AP06 as well as league runner-up in the CL04.

What did he do during his visit?The now Telemundo commentator arrived early at the Chiverío's headquarters, where he watched the training session, greeted old acquaintances and at the end of practice had an interview with Sebastián Pérez Bouquet.

In addition, the former defensive midfielder was accompanied by another prominent figure in our football, Carlos Hermosillo, who also played for El Rebaño in the two tournaments of 2001, to later retire from pro soccer, was also at the Redil for the interview with 'Sebas'.

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