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An Analysis of Arsenal’s Transfer window as Arteta targets 100 goals next season

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Arsenal’s transfer window. An analysis by Bebeto

Arsenal is keen on a successful transfer window. This is coming off a disappointing season in which several factors contributed to achieve a key target. Arsenal and everyone never predicted a season in which narrowly missing on Champions League qualification would be such a big disappointment. This failure exposed a lot of weaknesses which has guided the team’s approach to transfers and team building.

To understand Arsenal’s approach to the window, we need an appreciation of the team’s weaknesses last season. The premier league table is the easiest indicator of performance. A quick look shows Arsenal scored way less than the top four teams. Liverpool and Man City scored more than thirty goals more compared to Arsenal. Mikel already knows.

. This article from the Guradian confirms Mikel Arteta targets 100 goals if Arsenal are to be title contenders next season.

How he thinks the team will find an additional thirty to forty goals is demonstrated by the targets he is looking to sign. Mikel is looking at sharing the scoring burden among the team members. The alleged bid for Victor Osinhem was a gamble. If Napoli had accepted the reported 60 to 90 million euros depending on source. It would have been a good piece of business. Arsenal does not seem to spend anything more than that because their goals and budget would never allow it. They are looking for both quality and numbers. They realise it’s possible to get two good players for the amount Napoli wants. Napoli reportedly wants north of 100 million pounds for their striker. This is problematic on so many fronts.

There is no guarantee the player will deliver after such a huge outlay. Every transfer is indeed a gamble, but Arsenal does not look too keen on a Lukakusque type of move. Ossimeh scored basically the same number of goals as Giroud. HE doesn’t seem to do well on the assists side as well. This is a league where Ibrahimovich, Sanchez, and Miki are still relevant. This is a backwater league. Football players and agents seem aware of the fact as well. Not many players seem keen to move from there to EPL.

Is Arsenal not better served if this amount of money is spent on Jesus and Raphinha or someone similar for instance? They may not have the stature as Victor but know how to deliver in EPL. They will still give good numbers for both goals and assists. Over the years we have seen players coming into the Premier league with big reputations and dismally fail. Arteta is simply borrowing from the Manchester City 2021/2022 title winning book.

@JackMumf noted “In total, City have eight players in the top 50 scorers in the league (at least 6 goals)” Arsenal already has Saka, ESR, Martinelli, Odegaard in this list. Eddie Nketiah falls short mainly because of limited playing time.

The addition of Vieira, possibly Jesus and Raphinha will bring in potential for more goals by a margin. Fabio Vieira is a case of genius scouting and problem solving to quality squad depth. He has played as an attacking midfielder, winger and striker at Porto. He won’t play as a striker at Arsenal but that he has done so before will be testament for his abilities to shoot and hold it against centre backs. He may fill in for any wing role or allow Odegaard to fill in for Saka without compromising the attacking midfield quality. I am sure am not the only one who has seen Odegaard playing that right side with effectiveness. The three signings have the potential to solve the issue of goals and creativity by a margin. An Odegaard off day will no longer hurt as much with the coming in of Fabio and Raphinha (hopefully). There will be lots of goals for us to celebrate if the club pulls off these deals. A single focal striker is easier to cut out compared to multiple sources of threat. Arsenal once did this under Wenger and it’s coming back again. Martinelli, Jesus Saka, Nketiah and ESR are poised to break out and challenge top scorers in the league. One or more from this group will pleasantly surprise us.

There has been links with Gnabry. He is very popular with the fans. I believe it is more a case of the ex for Arsenal supporters. It’s like the cry out for Guendouzi. He is one transfer that looks unlikely. Transfer business must be smart. All the players Arsenal is linked to or has signed have potential for higher resell value. I believe Raphinha, Jesus, Fabio and Martinez can give two to three brilliant seasons and be sold on for one and half to twice their current value. Gnabry is one player you would expect to come in and be sold for a token fee to a retirement club in the end. I believe resell value is also an issue with Sterling.

Investing plus or minus 100 million on Osimeh is a similar gamble, he may still have a high value in three seasons but chances of the deal being profitable are slim.

Gnabry has so little to prove and may not be as motivated as Raphinha {unlikely} or Jesus. He will bring the goal threat. This team needs players who appreciate they won’t be guaranteed starters. He will have to fight it off for playing time and it will not be easy. If he was a prolific outright striker, it would be easier, but he is a hybrid like Jesus, Raphinha and Martinelli. I believe these two will do more than him in aspects other than scoring. While Gnabry has played for Arsenal before, he still has no Premiership experience worth talking about. He had so much promise in his time in England but failing to do well om loan at West Brom is a serious blemish. Arteta played with him at Arsenal and may know the circumstances. The biggest fear is being one of the players who do so well in Germany and can not hack it in EPL.

The EPL table tells a poor defensive story as well. All top four teams have a better defensive record as well. How is Arteta trying to improve on this aspect of the team? In Arteta’s game defence is a team effort. It starts with the press. Raphinha, Eddie and Jesus will make Arsenal a dangerous pressing machine. Raphinha tracks back so well it improves the full back cover. The addition of Saliba and possibly Martinez will bolster the team defensively and give options to play differently. Alternating between back three and four is a possibility this coming season. It will make the team less predictable and easily adjust to opponent strengths.

A bigger pool of defenders will mean good rotation and good cover in case of injuries. Injuries to key defenders cost the team a chance to qualify for champions league. Martinez will cover and compete for both Gabriel and Tierney positions. Saliba will cover and compete with Ben White and Tomiyasu. Martinez may turn out to be one of the most important signings for this team if completed. He reportedly can cover for Partey as well. This is one position that dearly cost the team last season.

In the Partey position Lokonga will be stronger and wiser this season. He may not be a fan favourite but has good technique and numbers on his side. A strong run in Europa League and local cup games beckons.

The five substitutes rule will make games more interesting next season. It may mean higher intensity games from teams with deeper quality squads. It will allow teams playing with different sets of attackers in a single game. Arsenal realises such a thin squad may struggle in five sub rule games.

The intent from the club promises an exciting season to come. These players may not come but the alternatives are bound to still make it worth the wait.

This is an opinion which may be totally wrong. Like most of us there is no inside knowledge of transfers implied. I believe our club technical team makes the decisions in the best interests of Arsenal.

By Bebeto

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