🎙 Amber Stobbs: her Watford move and the latest transfer news

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Angelina Kelly

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The OneFootball podcast returns once again to take a look at women’s football across Europe.

This week Angelina Kelly is joined by Watford’s latest signing Amber-Keegan Stobbs.

Stobbs talks all about her departure from Crystal Palace, her move to Watford and what life has been like since she has spoken openly and honestly about her mental health.

In addition, Stobbs talks about the new Championship season and her desire to play in the numbest 10 position for her new club.

And finally Stobbs also shares her thoughts on some of the biggest transfers in the European leagues so far including Esther González’s move to Real Madrid, Manchester City’s summer signings and the return of Nikita Parris to the Women’s Super League.

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