Alexander-Arnold blames complacency 'trap' for Liverpool downfall this season

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Trent Alexander-Arnold says Liverpool have fallen into a 'trap' at times this season by expecting to win football games.

The defending Premier League champions are currently sixth on the table and have now set their season target to qualifying for the Champions League.

Trying to explain the club's dramatic fall from grace, Alexander-Arnold told the Reds' official matchday programme: "The trap we have probably fallen into this season is that we've almost expected to win games on some occasions because we know we have the quality to find that goal from somewhere.

"That happened naturally last season and the season before. But, breaking it down, it didn't just happen because we were lucky - it happened because we were still working hard, we were doing the basics and the fundamentals right until the very last minute and that really worked in our favour.

"The fact that we were still doing those things meant that we would still create the right opportunities and we wouldn't be forcing passes, but we'd still stick to our way and would create something we could score from.

"I think this season we've maybe forgotten a few of those fundamentals and we've kind of just expected to do that because it became so natural for us."