🎙️ Agüero's swan song, magic mushrooms and Hayes for Tottenham?

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Dan Burke

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On this episode of the Premier League Weekend Review Podcast, Dan Burke is joined by Pádraig Whelan and Alex Mott.

Manchester United vs Liverpool didn’t go ahead, but there were nine other games to talk about featuring plenty of hot topics.

Topics such as …

  • Will Manchester City live to regret letting Sergio Agüero go?
  • Is N’Golo Kanté still the best defensive midfielder in the business?
  • Will Mikel Arteta still be in charge of Arsenal next season?
  • What exactly is ‘the Tottenham way’?
  • Have Everton bottled it?
  • Does Graham Potter deserve a bigger job than Brighton?
  • Is West Ham’s success sustainable?
  • How hard is it to be a fasting footballer during Ramadan?

And much, much more.

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