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Agronomist Giovanni Castelli On San Siro Pitch Condition: “They Play Too Much, This Is The Price”

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Agronomist for Serie A Giovanni Castelli has blamed the number of matches played at San Siro for the condition of the pitch this season, according to a report in the Italian media today.

Speaking during an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport today, Giovanni Castelli explained that the pitch is still up to the UEFA regulations but the number of matches being played makes sit hard to maintain the standard.

“Aesthetically it is not the best, but it respects the UEFA parameters in terms of accident prevention and level of performance. This season the enormous frequency with which we play at the Meazza weighs heavily and the ground tries to react as best it can.”

He then explained that there is a two week spell coming up where there will not be any matches played at San Siro so they will be able to replace the playing surface and hopefully improve it.

“From Milan-Juve to the derby we have two weeks: one would be used to replace the pitch, one to sew it. Everything should work perfectly: it shouldn’t rain, freeze, snow.”

Giovanni Castelli was keen to emphasise that San Siro still has everything that is needed for a top level pitch, it is just simply used too frequently.

He also took am at the UEFA Nations League which meant that the October international break could not be used to repair the surface.

“San Siro has everything you need, all the most modern systems. But you play too much and this is the duty to pay, as happens, albeit in a different way, in Rome and Genoa.

“Usually the hybrid terrain gets along well all season, but with this overwork, any hybrid would give problems. The original sin is the Nations League which prevented us from using the October break to intervene. It can’t be the same in January.”

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