📸 Adama Traoré and baby oil ... the most bizarre pre-match ritual

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Phil Costa

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Putting on your left sock first, tapping the pitch three times before kick off, blaring out your favourite song in the dressing room.

These are all common pre-match rituals that get players pumped for the next 90 minutes.

But Adama Traoré does things a bit differently.

Traoré is already one of the best dribblers in European football, but to make him harder to stop … Wolves staff plaster his arms in baby oil!

Implement all the defensive game-plans you want. Sliding straight off your opponent defeats that preparation.

“It’s something we’ve had to do to protect Adama,” a Wolves insider told Sun Sport.

“Defenders are so worried about him getting away from them with his pace, they were reaching out and tugging at his arm.

“That was causing the shoulder to pop out during games.

“Lubricating his arms makes it harder for opponents to grab him and helps prevent further damage.”

Talk about grease lightning.